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Hilwa Water
Building No. CP-1/86 A,
Vendekumpoyil, Kakkadampoyil P.O
Nilambur, Malappuram Dist.
Kerala State, INDIA

T | +91 7034 586 587

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Customer Service: 18005320002

ABOUT Hilwa Water

For several years, Hilwa was a secret hidden in the bottom of pristine rocky slopes. The source is located in the virgin valley of Kakkadampoyil where surroundings are..


+91 7034 586 587

+91 9539 383 222​

Toll free:1800 532 0002

Nilambur, Malappuram Dist.


Pure drops from pure source..

Naturally enriched with minerals..

Alkalinity and Healthy pH Balance..

Naturally Fresh & Clean Taste..

Witness of a healthy life..